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Thank You for your ongoing support as we continue to support communities as they care for the poor and stand against injustice!
Together, we are shaping stronger communities and bringing hope to the world!

What we do

We develop sustainable projects and we encourage people to personally participate in impacting the world.

What you can do

There are plenty of opportunities for you to serve from one week to two years, or more.

What you can give

There are many ways to support our work financially, as well as praying and going on team trips.

Support a Project

Our goal at MVC is to identify, equip, and empower national Christian leaders to become self-sustaining and for communities to be impacted.

Support a Team

We believe that personal participation changes lives. Short-term teams are a key component of seeing life-change in people. Supporting teams allows you to participate in making an impact!

Support a Participant

Not only are the lives of people we go to serve are changed, but the lives of people who go to serve are also changed! Supporting volunteers allows you to participate in changing lives!

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