In Kenya, MVC has partnered with Vision Ministries Kenya (VMK) to assist them with their efforts of development, education, and creating a greater measure of sustainability.

Water for Kenya

Creating opportunities to increase the level of sustainability is critical element in the ministry of MVC. We are working together with Vision Ministries Kenya which is a network of 50 growing churches but most of the families in these churches are in extreme poverty. We have targeted two areas that will improve not only the sustainability of VMK but also increasing the economics of communities.

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Shelter of Hope

Our Missionary Reps, Ishmael and Molline began ministering in a slum in Nairobi by tutoring, educating, and feeding a few children. Their early efforts have produced a charity called Shelter of Hope.

Shelter of hope Kenya is a Christian non profit organization registered under the societies act. Through the course of our work, we have initiated programs for women through empowerment strategies and material support to the elderly widows.

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(Kenya Economic Development & Human Advancement Project)

We are the development, peace-building and relief arm of the Kenya Mennonite Church in the Diocese of Kisumu East. We bring change to the community through the projects we implement, such as upgrading a widow’s small local African goats to purebred Toggenberg and Alpine dairy goats, paying the fees of an orphaned girl (allowing her to top the class in year-end exams at school), encouraging those living positively with HIV/AIDS to adopt greenhouse farming, and much more.

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We are proud members of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities