Africa {Zambia}

In Zambia we have 2 projects where our Missionary Representatives
have a heart for the people, their joy, their struggles, their dreams,
and have been agents of life transformation.


According to Unicef 2011 statistics for Zambia:
– 1,200,000 children were orphaned in 2011.
– 69% of the population live below the poverty line of US$ 1.25/day
– Only 46% of the population in the rural areas have access to improved drinking water sources.
– Life expectancy is 49 years.

With these daunting statistics before her, Wendy fed led to reach out to the village of Mbayi, and within the sprawling Chingola area, a city in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province, with a population of 157,340 (2008 census).

Once a forest reserve it is now a resettlement area. It has a population of about 5,000 settlers who are subsistence farmers. They are a people living in extreme poverty suffering a lack of access to clean/safe water, and medical services. There was no electricity, no road network, nor a police post upon Wendy’s arrival. Mbayi desperately needed her ongoing assistance:
– People are hungry and impoverished.
– People are suffering and dying because there is no medical clinic nearby.

Wendy has been working together with Missionary Ventures Canada since 2013, not giving a “hand out” or even a “hand up,” but rather to be a conduit that releases the possibilities in the hearts of the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Wendy has returned to Canada but she is still quite heavily involved in Zambia. Our focus is a school in a slum area of Chingola. Started by a retired couple from the UK, in 1999, it has grown from 65 students to now an enrollment of 460. It provides free education for children who are not able to afford the public system. It is in need of funding as it feeds many children who otherwise would not eat a meal.

MVC is working together with Wendy and our National Missionary to create a plan of sustainability as support is being raised to provide education and food for the needy children.

Wendy Bourgon

Wendy holds a BA in Psychology/Sociology and a MA in Social Work with a specialty in individuals, families and small groups. She has worked as a therapist in private practice and also has experience in several Toronto-area social agencies such as Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Blue Hills Academy (residential treatment facility for children) and Cummer House (home for the aged). She is trained as a Stephen Minister and in pastoral visitation. “Visiting Zambia and Kenya opened my eyes to the oneness of the human family. I came to realize that regardless of where we live, we all share the same hopes, dreams and frustrations. We all want to eat, have a home, be cared for when we are sick, be comforted when we grieve and see our kids fulfill their potential.” “I realized something else too—that whether here or there, people want to shape their destiny. They want to work and be part of bringing to pass their vision of themselves as strong, self-sustaining communities.” For more information about the work Wendy is doing please visit:


The Grace Project is focussed on training pastors who are called but have not completed grade 12 (literacy issues) and lack of finances (poverty issues). Our model is a 12x12x12 model in keeping with Jesus` educational model. It is transformational and practical, and because of the small class size it is highly relational. Most students show up to class 15-20 min early, this is a testament to their eagerness to learn, given that the African culture does not have a high regard for time.

Brian and Muriel Windsor

“Serving in missions at home and abroad has been a part of my (Brian) mindset since I served as the head of our mission team at Emmanuel bible College in 1986-1987. We have always been enthusiastic supporters of Christian workers at home and abroad.

In April 2008 I served on a short term trip to Lusaka, Zambia. It was there where the Lord gave me a dream where I saw Zambia as a pool of clear water being fed by an  eternal spring and following out to Zambia’s bordering nations. Then the following sunday as I was preparing to preach i sensed the Sprit asking me to listen to how his people were praising Him. I sensed a still small voice challenge me to return to Zambia to learn how to have more faith, hope, and love from my Zambian brothers and sisters who have little material wealth.

When I arrived home I told Muriel about these things. She confirmed my sense of the Lord’s direction and we began to seek out an agency to serve with in Africa.

In Zambia I am the Executive Director for The Grace Project.”


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