On September 9th, fire ripped through Belen in Iquitos Peru where Rodolfo and Sariad hold weekly children’s clubs. 32 homes went up in flames leaving many families displaced. Miraculously no one died. The blaze started, most likely from a candle that addicts use as they get high on crack cocaine.  The residents were awoken at 2 am with enough time to run from the blaze. Many families were left with only the clothes on the back.

Over the course of the next several days, several churches in Iquitos banded together and brought in relief supplies for those who lost everything. A tangible expression of provide hope in difficult times! Missionary Ventures Canada will continue to reach out to the Belen Kids’ with the good news of Jesus Christ sharing with them hope of a new life.

Our goal in Iquitos is to set up a home for abandoned and neglected children. Over the past couple of months, the home has needed to be renovated and the foundation better secured. Now comes the effort of finishing suppling the home, building a gazebo and playground for the children. With your donation, you can impact a life – bring hope to children at risk. Your help is needed!

3 bunk beds
8 mattresses
3 wardrobe chests
6 dirty clothes baskets
24 sheets, towels and pillows
1 oven
Kitchen cabinets
Tables and chairs
Pots and pans
Iron and Ironing table

All Funds designated to Hogar Genesis will be used for setting up this home. Click here to change a life!

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