Mexico {Oaxaca}


Many thousands of people in Oaxaca remain isolated from medical care, and even those who have access to government-staffed clinics often receive inadequate care. Women giving birth within the government medical system are often subjected to trauma through complete isolation from friends and loved ones, racial prejudice, over-crowded conditions, and highly interventionist obstetric policies.

There are 19,000 births still taking place annually in Oaxaca outside of health centers and hospitals. What is lacking is a Christian approach to pregnancy and childbirth.  Casa Compasiva will not just replace the medical approach of the local hospitals, but will honour God as the Creator and Sustainer of our bodies.  It will model the love of Christ in the context of loving and receiving little children.  It will demonstrate how the Good Shepherd ‘gently leads those that are with young.’  It will provide biblical education and resources not just for pregnancy and childbirth- but also for marriage and parenting.  The gospel will be presented both ‘overtly’ and ‘covertly’ – both in word and in deed.

Casa Compasiva works to provide a safe, natural birth environment that is respectful of the Oaxacan people while utilizing essential midwifery and medical knowledge to provide quality care and to save lives.


My name is Latisha Serrano, everyone here calls me “Lety”.  I am 46 years old, have lived in Mexico for a “bit” more that half of those years, and am blessed to be married to a wonderful, God loving man.  Together we have 3 children ages 20, 18, and 4 years old! My husband Jorge and I began ministry together 23 years ago and he is currently  co-minister at a local congregation.
I joined the Casa Compasiva team at the beginning in 2011 as a Doula.  I fell in love with natural birth after participating as a Doula in CC´s first birth.  Since my own births were cesareans, during two of which I was victim to Obstetric Violence, being part of that first CC birth was both healing and inspiring. Within the first year as a Doula I was investigating on how to become a Midwife.
In January of 2012 I began my midwifery studies through National College of  Midwifery  where I received my Certificate of Midwifery Studies in December of 2018. I also studied the Casa Compasiva Midwifery program and graduated in 2015.  I love keeping up with current midwifery practices and am also certified to attend water-births through Water-birth International.
I am now serving Casa Compasiva as the General Director and Head Midwife. I am excited and respectful of the responsibilities that are upon me and my main prayer is to be a useful vessel to the Lord in this place of ministry.
My husband Jorge (Coco) has taken the responsibility as the official Pastor of Casa Compasiva and gives weekly Devotionals, home Bible studies, and follow-up visits to our clients who are young couples. Together we love ministering to young families and pray that Casa Compasiva will transform the lives of the families that are served.