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Settled in the mountains, about 6 hours from Guatemala, MVC has been working in this village for many years.  Together with our Missionary Reps - Dr. Juan Pablo and Carolina Noriega, MVC’s main focus is to impact the quality of health for the people in the region.   The indigenous people in this area are known as the IXIL who have endured hardship for many years. Through the efforts of a Dr. Juan Pablo and many others, 14 years ago a clinic was started in a building that once was a feeding centre for children impacted by the civil war in the 90’s.  With outside funding for the first five years, the business plan was set in motion and sustainability was achieved.  In addition to this clinic, a church, a theological training center, a lab (Carolina is a bio-chemist) and a school to train auxiliary nurses. 

In addition to assisting in the construction of the new hospital, a variety of trained health care professionals can also assist in the clinic and portable clinics held in neighbouring under serviced communities.  Other opportunities include reaching the community through sewing, cooking and ESL classes; homeschool teaching in English for the children of the staff; and potentially other new sustainable endeavours as God leads.

Your PERSONAL PARTICIPATION can impact those who continue to struggle in the cycle of poverty and other social issues.  We believe with GOD, all things are possible as we bring the gospel of hope and life in a variety of tangible ways. 

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Together with Gilberto and Ruth Noriega, MVC has been involved in the region impacting the quality of education.  Together with Gilberto and Ruth, 28 schools have been started by Christian churches who desire to impact their communities and provide the avenue for parents to have their children receive a high level education which will ultimately provide the knowledge and skills to the new generation to escape the cycle of poverty.  MVC has been involved in 14 of the 28 schools which are fully sustainable.

MVC does provide funding, through the gracious support of our donors, for families who may otherwise be unable to send their children to school.  As many Guatemalan families make the sacrifice to send their children, MVC also believes that this investment will impact future generations, villages and the nation.

Your PERSONAL PARTICIPATION can impact churches, schools, families and students.  Education opens doors for individuals to not only grow and learn but to be the people God has created them to become.  While work with children in schools are plentiful, opportunities in training, computers, English, ESL, business, sewing, carpentry, teacher training, etc. are also available.  The opportunities are endless!  GO SERVE and make your unique CONTRIBUTION!


Development Project

Cubulco, is a city of 42,000 people, of which 80% are of Mayan descent.  The high majority of people live in extreme poverty because of the lack of education and employment.  Employment is available several hours away on the coast where there are sugar and coffee plantations but conditions on those farms are poor.  Many workers fall ill during their employment.  When they return to their families (after 3 to 6 months), they spend much of their earnings to treat their illness.  Knowing this, the leadership of the a local church in partnership with Missionary Ventures Canada are searching out ways to break this vicious cycle and plan to include in this next building a skill training center.

In January 2014, a team of 15 people from Southwestern Ontario initiated the project in Cubulco.  For two weeks, they built a meeting place for a church congregation that was meeting in a home.  At the time, there was about 75 people attending this church.  Now (2018) there are over 160 people attending.

Plans are in place to build another building to be used for children and for a skill training centre.  A team will be going in October 2018 to begin the construction, working alongside individuals in the church.  The next step is to build another building to be used for children and skill training.

The vision local leaders have for the future plans include education sponsorship, agricultural Initiative, water supply/purification and more.  Local leadership is crucial for ongoing sustainability and success.  We will continue to collaborate with the leaders in the church as we proceed!

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