Go Haiti


Belot, is a beautiful village situated at the 6,000 foot level south of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A church and elementary school are housed in the same building with a community water filter available. Missionary Ventures Canada will be working with Pastor Reginald who has worked in the area for 8 years.  There are three main goals – spiritual, educational, and leader development.  We are working together to develop a great measure of sustainability for the community as well as for the teachers at the school.  Opportunities for involvement include providing seminars on health issues, working together, family matters, leadership, community development all based on Christian values.  These are necessary to further a viable community.  Teams for construction, education, children/youth, medical, etc. are also needed.  Funds are needed to assist in funding the teachers’ pay at the school as well as seed money for future smaller projects to develop sustainability in this economically struggling community.  Plans are developing to build and staff a medical clinic as people in the surrounding communities must travel a long ways.

Fort Jacques

Fort Jacques is a new adventure led by God and two wonderful people – Marie Estelle and Jean Baptist Bernard. The community has a small church which is part of the school.  In this community there is a plan to be financially sustainable within five years. The first goal was to put a roof on the school. Three quarters of the roof is done as of January 2018 money was graciously donated. There is still a need for clean water which is being addressed.  Plans are in developing to create micro businesses to provide the resources for mothers to earn the funds needed to pay for their children’s schooling.  

Opportunities include medical/dental teams, working with children, construction teams, agriculture and more!  Funding is always needed to support the teachers until greater sustainability is gained.