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With a population estimated at 1/2 million people, Iquitos ranks as the largest city in the world that is inaccessible by road.  Sadly, it is one of the mega centres in South America for child trafficking, prostitution and drugs.  The horrors that many women and children endure in unimaginable to many North Americans.  But God is hearing the cry of those who are abused, neglected and abandoned.

Our Missionary Reps, Rodolfo and Saraid for years have built relationships with drug addicts, prostitutes and parents in the hopes of bringing the light of the gospel to many of the dark places that exist.  A children’s home is being built to care and love 10 to 12 children.   We hope to have this home open by the end of 2018.

On a weekly basis, Rodolfo and his team holds kids clubs, visits the prison, the drug holes and families in crisis.  Life gets messy, and there is always hope for those in the messiest of circumstances.

Your PERSONAL PARTICIPATION can impact those who continue to struggle in the cycle of poverty and other social issues.  We believe with GOD, all things are possible as we bring the gospel of hope and life in a variety of tangible ways.

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Puerto Maldonado

Scott and Tracy come from Ontario and lived in Barrie attending Emmanuel Baptist Church while for many years running a masonry business. In lay ministry at Emmanuel we were involved in the Alpha ministries, helping with Alpha then initiating and leading the Marriage Course.  They were led to Peru, in 2014 and have lived in Puerto Maldonado since October 2014.  They will be setting up a new children’s home Alegre Sonido de Dios .  Since arriving in Peru, they have cared for over 25 children who have come from varying backgrounds including sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment and orphans.

They have three children, Tatiana (their oldest), is currently attending Heritage College and Seminary completing her BA in Theology with a desire to complete a masters in Psycho therapy. Caleb is home schooled and in grade 10, he is an avid motocross rider completing in the local and national level here in Peru. Caleb is also exploring working with FCA Motocross Ministries out of the US to bring teams here for Christ centered motocross camps. Jaxon is our 10 year old energizer bunny who recently started grade 4 at a Christian school here in Peru. Tracy and I are working towards adopting 3 year old Yuri, we hope to see this finalized soon.

Alegre Sonido de Dios is a home for children of all ages who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Scott and Tracy Blackburn are dedicated to serving children who have experienced pain from their past experiences. They provide a caring, loving home where the children can heal from their past, so that they can interact and maintain close relations with their new family, assuring a smooth re-integration into society.

As they work closely with the local Government, permanent and transitional care for children who are victims of family violence, abuse, abandoned, trafficked, or homeless is provided. The children, who have varying emotional and developmental challenges are protected, provided education, and spiritual guidance and counsel. In this safe loving environment, these children are daily reassured that they are loved by the staff and by loved by God.

Scott, Tracy, Tatiana, Caleb and Jaxon Blackburn