Missionary Ventures Canada supports a variety of projects that serve the unique needs of people living within global communities. No two projects are identical, as the needs and resources of each community vary. Neither do projects remain the same over time the years; rather they adapt and develop to the changing needs of the community.

Projects are established based on evident need witnessed through previous visits and noted through conversations with locals, expressed by missionaries living in the field or by partnerships organizations with extensive involvement in a particular area.

An emphasis on the assets of a community is followed, this means that we seek to maximize the assets a community already possesses rather than trying to fix what may be lacking. (Asset Based Community Development)  Some of these assets may include; healthy soil or lots of volunteer labour, etc. 

Sustainability is critical for every project.  We believe that nationals not only must be the visionaries for every project, but they also must find a way and the means to create sustainability.  Therefore, every project needs to have a plan so that sustainability is achieve to avoid dependency. 

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