Mexico {Oaxaca}

Ellie & Lila Quezada

Ellie and Lila Quezada and their eight children have served faithfully in ministry for over 25 years. Presently, they now reside in British Columbia and are MVC’s western representatives, promoting the projects and opportunities that exist with MVC throughout Western Canada.

In 2001, Ellie and Lila Quezada set out for Oaxaca on what they expected to be a one-year sabbatical. Ellie’s goal was to support a friend in his pioneering ministry of producing and distributing audio scriptures and the JESUS film for the over 120 different indigenous language groups in Oaxaca. Over 18 years after they first arrived, they now celebrate Ellie’s faithful service through the recording studio ministry, helping to get God’s Word in an accessible format in the heart languages of the Mexican people. For many years Lila stayed busy home-schooling their eight children (now mostly grown), coordinating events and retreats for missionary women, and leading outreach efforts in the local women’s prison in Oaxaca. Together with local national help, eight years ago she established and directed Casa Compasiva, a birthing center in Oaxaca City. She recently resigned as director due to health reasons and returned with her family to Canada.

Ellie continues to assist and oversee a recording studio, in which he and five other audio technicians record the new testament and old testament as well as dubbing the Jesus film in 120 local languages in the area. They have been able to produce audio recording of scripture in 75 of 120 indigenous languages. Local pastors distribute these recordings on solar powered radios.


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