Exposure Teams (1 to 3 weeks)


Many construction teams are sent to work alongside local workers to help with the building of a school, medical centre, home or church. The work is completed in stages and depending on the timing of the exposure team, the state of the building will vary. Some of the tasks construction teams can be expected to do are: laying foundation, ‘brick burning’, painting, renovating indoors, digging and placing posts and more! The type of buildings depends on the the global location. In Africa, many homes are mud huts, while in South America many of the homes will you use wood and brick

Medical Team Peru


These teams are made up of experienced and qualified medical professionals who work in Canada as doctors, nurses, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists or optometrists. These members serve overseas by donating their skills and talents to people living in areas without access to medical care, typically in remote or isolated areas. Medical teams would be expected to provide routine oral cleaning, bring and administer medications, perform examinations, treat illnesses and educate communities about health and well being and Youth Ministry

. speaking to youth - peru


This ministry includes a variety of facets including, working in feeding centres (cooking or serving) working in orphanages, participating in home visits, teaching ESL, teaching Bible stories, organizing crafts and leading recreational programs for kids. Children are vulnerable and some live in terrible conditions, desperately needing love and compassion.


Life skills development/job training:

These are specific teams which are sent out to work with programs that already exist to provide communities with sustainable ways to improve their livelihood. An example of this type of team would be the sustainable gardening project in Peru. The team will travel to work alongside families who are living in the slums, and support the educational agriculture program there. As students graduate from the program, the team will also help families plant these gardens. Volunteers would be expected to work with families, deliver supplies, support educational program and teach specific skills.


Women’s Ministry:

Women helping Women ministry encompasses a variety of roles, including teaching sewing skills, counselling, providing childcare, leading Bible studies, cooking and teaching women about hygiene and nutrition. Women face many unique challenges worldwide, including being treated as chattel, as objects which can be bought and sold. This ministry is vital in reframing the way that women see themselves- as a precious daughter of the Saviour, not as an object. The ministry also enables women to develop specialized skills, which they may use to start a small business, thus increasing their earning potential.

“I think the greatest thing I experienced was to see God performing miracles first hand” – Volunteer, Swaziland


Exposure teams to Central and South America cost between $1,600 – $2,500 per person. Exposure teams to Africa cost between $3,000- $3,700.  It is the responsibility of the individual to fundraise or provide for the cost of the trip. MVC will set all participants up with resources and fundraising materials/suggestions.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in the idea of serving on a short term mission trip please

  1. Review our list of Open Teams  to find one that suits your interests and schedule
  2. Contact our office or download an application form
  3. Start fundraising
  4. Pack your bags and get ready to impact the world!

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Experience Opportunities (1-3 months)

There are opportunities and projects which would strongly benefit from the aid and support on an individual staying on for a longer period of time.

This is a perfect opportunity if you are considering longer term ministry work, if you are a student seeking to give of your talents and skills or if you simply feel like committing to a project for a slightly longer duration. Like our exposure teams, the fundraising for supports to cover the cost of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the individual.

Currently, we have experience opportunities in the following areas:

  • Nicaragua: teaching E.S.L. to children in a private Christian school
  • Yurimaguas, Peru: working in a kid’s home with marginalized and vulnerable children
  • Iquitos, Peru: Providing support to a missionary family and their rehabilitation efforts for those living with addition
  • South Africa: Working with children, teaching, community development and nutrition/ health education.
  • Rio Negro, Ecuador: Opportunities to teach English, teach at the seminary, help with kids clubs, counselling programs and work with abused women and girls.
  • Teaching children of the hospital staff in Nebaj, Guatemala