Missionary Ventures Canada supports a variety of Missionary Representatives who have been called to work internationally to transform communities faced with poverty, oppression or injustice. These Missionary Representatives come from diverse backgrounds and operate their ministries in different ways according to the needs of the people and their skills and talents.  Many of these workers also host short term mission teams, provide direction to volunteers and act as a liaison between North American volunteers and local people.

Missionary Ventures Canada Representatives

Vinansio Wani-Lado

Vinansio Wani-Lado is originally from South Sudan, however was forced to flee the country due to war and civil unrest. He fled to a neighbouring East African country where he stayed as a refugee for years until he was able to come into Canada. Vinansio is now living in Canada with his wife and 2 young children, but he still has a heart for the people of South Sudan, many of whom have been broken by war, fear, poverty and hunger. The situations people are living in on a daily basis are very grim. Vinansio is working on a few key projects in South Sudan in the area near the capitol city, Juba, which include; an after school education program, a children’s educational sponsorship program and a multi purpose complex. To learn more about Vinansio’s ministry please visit : www.ewim.org

Ellie and Lila Quezada – Oaxaco Mexico

Women are regularly mistreated or ignored by governmentally run medical centers, making giving birth an unnecessarily dangerous and complicated process. Many women are subjected to trauma through complete isolation from friends and loved ones, racial prejudice, over-crowded conditions, and highly interventionist obstetric policies. Ellie and Lila Quezada have established Casa Compasiva (Meaning compassion house) a place where women can receive the medical care they need within a safe and Christian context. Casa Compasiva provides a safe, natural birth environment that is respectful of the Oaxacan people while utilizing essential midwifery and medical knowledge to provide quality care and to save lives. For more information regarding Casa Compasiva and the Quezada’s minstry please click here : http://birthcenter.blogspot.ca/

Wendy Bourgon, Chingola, Zambia

Wendy holds a BA in Psychology/Sociology and a MA in Social Work with a specialty in individuals, families and small groups. She has worked as a therapist in private practice and also has experience in several Toronto-area social agencies such as Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Blue Hills Academy (residential treatment facility for children) and Cummer House (home for the aged). She is trained as a Stephen Minister and in pastoral visitation. “Visiting Zambia and Kenya opened my eyes to the oneness of the human family. I came to realize that regardless of where we live, we all share the same hopes, dreams and frustrations. We all want to eat, have a home, be cared for when we are sick, be comforted when we grieve and see our kids fulfill their potential.” “I realized something else too—that whether here or there, people want to shape their destiny. They want to work and be part of bringing to pass their vision of themselves as strong, self-sustaining communities.” For more information about the work Wendy is doing please visit: www.wendybourgon.com

Julio Farfan

Julio Farfan is a native Guatemalan, who is now living in Ontario, Canada. He currently oversees a ministry serving the migrant workers living and working in the Stratford area. The ministry offers regular meetings, Bible studies and worship times, as well as provides support for issues that the migrant workers may be having while adjusting to a new country, such as: banking, tax help, personal finance, transportation etc.

National Missionary Representatives

Alex and Juana Cotrina – Lima, Peru

Alex Cotrina started out selling candy on the streets to earn money for his family but he had a vision of planting churches, working with youth and evangelizing to the entire nation. Currently, Alex and his leadership team have planted 10 churches and regularly travel along the coast to preach the Gospel. His ministry focuses on training pastors and leaders, holding festivals and events for youth and teaching at universities.

Island Missionaries – Caribbean

We support two couples living in the Caribbean, Jorge and Sandra and Carlos and Rosa. Each of these couples are locals who have been working as missionaries for the large majority of their lives. The focus on their ministry is reaching children through Kids Clubs, a program that is put on for children to attend to hear the Gospel message and receive a hot meal.

Juan Pablo Noriega – Guatemala

Dr. Juan Pablo and Carolina Noriega have a passion for serving the indigenous community of Nebaj Guatemala by providing access to quality medical care. They have been overseeing this clinic in Nebaj for over 10 years. They have also started 2 nursing schools, to help train individuals on basic health and promote health standards in remote areas. They have two small children, a daughter, Valentina (4) and a son Juan Pablo (2). The family has hosted many Canadian teams of volunteers who have helped with construction projects and served at the hospital. They continue to host teams as their ministry grows.

Rodolfo and Saraid Rojas Del Aguila

Rodolfo and his wife are National Peruvians living in the area of Iquitos, which is overcome with prostitution, addiction, crime and abuse. They have been serving in that area, with various programs including a Safehouse for men. They also help with Bible studies, worship events, street ministry, youth ministry and evangelism. Currently, they have two young children, and are accepting teams of volunteers who desire to serve the people of Peru through compassion ministry.

Gilberto and Ruth Noriega – Guatemala

Gilberto and Ruth Noriega are the parents of Juan Pablo Noriega and have been serving in the mission field for many years. They went to seminary in Guatemala City and since than have worked with a variety of different churches, serving particularily in Christian mission and Christian education.

Missionary Representatives (other Offices)

Jason and Sonia Musgrave – Nebaj, Guatemala

Jason and his wife Sonia will be working closely with teams in Guatemala. Jason is American and Sonia is Guatemalan, who has served many years as a translator for other ministry teams. They have 2 children, Daniel who is 3 years old and Mary who is almost 1.

Brenda Rose – Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Brenda, nurse from Florida, has been living in Matagalpa Nicaragua for 13 years. Many children are severely malnourished in Nicaruaga therefore much of Brenda’s efforts are directed at supervising and organizing the 5 feeding centres which reach children specifically. The Re-nutrition centre provides a place where parents can bring their children to stay for 24 hours a day, as long as they need to be spiritually, physically and emotionally well. Once they are well, they are able to return home and are assigned a social worker who monitors their progress. Also, as families lack access to health and medical care, Brenda overseas the operation of a low cost clinic called El Buen Samaritano. She also facilitates all of the medical teams which go to Nicaragua. For more information on Brenda Rose, please visit http://www.mvnicaragua.org/

Jim and Sue Brannan – Puerto Maldonado, Peru

9 years ago Jim and Sue moved from the United States to Peru to serve God in the Amazonian Jungle. There aren’t many missionaries in Puerto Maldonado and the need is great. The Brannan’s are sharing the Gospel upriver in communities and in surrounding towns where the miners and loggers live. They host a multi-church prayer/fast twice monthly and help in a kids’ club behind a prison each Saturday. Twice monthly we travel to an upriver community to provide a Christian movie and share Christ. Every 6 weeks Jim travels upriver to encourage pastors living both outside and inside the Manu Reserve. In the future they hope to receive invitations to enter the “forbidden zone” of the National Manu Reserve which is not open to the public or even to the Peruvians without a personal invitation. Jim and Sue host short term mission teams from MVC in their home and work with local pastors in encouraging various indigenous people groups to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Susan Holowecky – Yurimaguas, Peru

Susan has been working with the Shawi tribes along the Amazon river in Peru. She has two ministries that she oversees, one is ministering to the tribe to help them grow spiritually and train up indigenous church leaders to take on leadership roles as well as to take on the responsibility of evangelizing to other tribes. Susan also has a children’s feeding program where she helps to bring children to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Teams travel from Canada on a regular basis to serve in the community development projects, such as offering medical/dental clinics, teaching about safe water and safe hygiene practices or teaching on the benefits of good nutrition.

Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard – Managua, Nicaragua

Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard are Americans living in Nicaragua’s capitol, the city of Managua and serve as Directors of the ministry there. They help with the administration of 3 Christian schools in the area (Nicaragua Christian Academy) in Nejepa, Managua and Matagalpa. These schools provide a Christ centred, high quality education to their students. Most students do pay a fee to attend Nicaragua Christian Academy, however there are also sponsorships available for those families who simply cannot afford to send their children to school.

Hugo and Salomie DuToit – South Africa

Hugo and Salomie DuToit have been in full time missionary service since 1998, and have partnered with Missionary Ventures International since 2006. Hugo focuses his ministry on evangelism and instruction while Salomie prefers compassion ministry focusing on such issues as HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and baby milk programs. Currently, the couple lives in South Africa and travels to various parts to provide spiritual leadership and pastoral care to other field workers.

Coralie Roets – South Africa

Coralie is the Executive Director of the Missionary Ventures South Africa office. Coralie and her husband, Dicky serve by supporting pastors and field workers who are working and living in various parts of Africa. They assist with the administration, fundraising as well as spiritual and Pastoral care for those who are church planting or working as missionaries.