Guatemala {Nebaj}

About the project

MVC has been working in Guatemala since 1993 constructing schools, providing medical care and more. Dr. Juan Pablo and Carolina went to Nebaj in 2005 and began a clinic to serve the impoverished community. This community is in the mountains with no access to a hospital, so the clinic is all the population has. Since 2010 it has been fully sustainable, providing access to healthcare to many in this remote region.

The clinic now has a staff of over 30 people, with another 7 operating two auxiliary nursing schools. These schools have graduated over 1000 auxiliary nurses!

There is a need for a permanent hospital with all areas of specialty. The vision is to build a fully functioning 40 bed facility that will include areas for surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, dental, and more.


Personal Message from Juan Pablo (Dec. 2020)


Why build a hospital

Poverty in Guatemala is widespread. Around 75% of the population live below the poverty line, defined by the ability to purchase a basked of necessities. Over 40% of the population has no access to any health care services. Many patients do not wish to seek care from public health due to cost, mistrust of provider and poor quality of services There is a great need for medical services, especially for young children, since 16% of infants suffer from low birth weight, and 50% of all children are malnourished.

Present Focus

We are continuing with the construction of the 4,000 sq. meter hospital preparing for the pouring of the second floor of the building. Over the past year, all the walls of the first floor were constructed! Teams will continue to go to work alongside of the Guatemalan workers. They will focus on the interior of the first floor (doors, windows, electoral, plastering, painting, flooring, etc.) They will also assist in creating a better neighbourhood by assisting in new projects that impact the people in the community.

Teams are continued to be needed to assist in the continuing construction of the hospital and to impact the community!

Every dollar counts!
Your support will help provide infrastructure and supplies needed for construction and employment of Guatemalan workers.
Our Missionary Reps

Dr. Juan Pablo and Carolina Noriega have a passion for serving the indigenous community of Nebaj, Guatemala by providing access to quality medical care. They have been overseeing this clinic in Nebaj for over 10 years. They have also started 2 nursing schools to help train professionals on basic health.

They have two small children, Valentina and Juan Pablo.


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