Those who have visited and served in Swaziland know how special these people are. Living in hardship and poverty, lives and communities have been changing through the work of churches and Christian leaders in this impoverished and suffering nation. God is at work! The country of Swaziland has been a high priority for Missionary Ventures Canada for several years. Individuals and teams are needed to serve and assist in ministry, construction, agriculture, sewing and community development.

Last month, we received an email from our missionaries in Swaziland – Pieter and Mari DeBruin. Here is a portion of their email …

… our brother and colleague from Mozambique – Andre – was here visiting and
attending a seminar that was hosted by fellow colleagues from Missionary Ventures
South Africa. During the evenings there were services held that was open for the public. One particular evening 8 animists and their church leader (Zionists) made a decision to surrender to Jesus. Zionists or animism is what we call ancestor worshipping, this is also followed by witchcraft and demon possession.

Our 3 faithful brothers, friends and fellow co-workers got appointed to disciple these people as they have been discipled. While on holiday we got a message from Pastor Vusi that 15 more individuals gave their hearts to the Lord.

We went to see them a few days ago. The leader of this church told them that it is
amazing how, when one comes to God old things just fall off. When we saw him the first time, we saw a man that was in bondage, he was not a free man. Seeing him two weeks later, we saw a totally different person. There is much work to be done. He is already receiving resistance from his ‘elders’ in the church. Please keep him and all the other converts in your prayers. Also along with Vusi, Omo and Mkhulu (Grandfather) Jafta.

Plans are in place for a team to assist in the construction of the church in Pastor Vusi’s community as well as assist in training/teaching, children’s ministry, and various community development projects. Would you consider walking beside our Swazi brothers and sisters in impacting lives and communities? If you enjoy working with people – GOD CAN USE YOU!
Service opportunities are available in February 2018. Do not hesitate – contact us!

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