Long Term Teams (6 to 16 months)

There are opportunities and projects which would strongly benefit from the aid and support on an individual staying on for a longer period of time.

This is a perfect opportunity if you are considering longer term ministry work, if you are a student seeking to give of your talents and skills or if you simply feel like committing to a project for a slightly longer duration. Like our exposure teams, the fundraising for supports to cover the cost of travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the individual.

Currently, we have experience opportunities in the following areas:

  • Nicaragua: teaching E.S.L. to children in a private Christian school
  • Yurimaguas, Peru: working in a kid’s home with marginalized and vulnerable children
  • Iquitos, Peru: Providing support to a missionary family and their rehabilitation efforts for those living with addition
  • South Africa: Working with children, teaching, community development and nutrition/ health education.
  • Rio Negro, Ecuador: Opportunities to teach English, teach at the seminary, help with kids clubs, counselling programs and work with abused women and girls.
  • Teaching children of the hospital staff in Nebaj, Guatemala


Long Term Opportunities (> 2 years)

Do you feel God calling you to the mission field?

The extended program iswendy in africa for anyone who is called to serve overseas for longer than 2 years. In order to create lasting and sustainable change in communities worldwide, the extended opportunity allows individuals to understand the complex needs of various communities and develop ways to address them. Field workers receive short term mission teams to help them with projects that require extra help. We work together with missionaries to support the efforts which they are undertaking, and donations through Missionary Ventures go directly to specific projects, initiatives or personal support.
The work varies according to the skill and experience of field workers. An example of a few current projects include: the operation of a birth centre, church planting in the Amazon, medical ministry in Africa, feeding centres and programs for kids in the Caribbean.

No two mission projects are the same, rather we tailor the strengths of our applicants with the needs of the communities. We provide personal support from the office while you are on the field and act as your base back home while you are serving abroad.

The Process

1. Pray

The call to the mission field is not for everyone, so first and foremost we encourage you to seek guidance and pray about this decision in your life.

2. Discover

Once you are ready, you may contact our office and we will provide you with a variety of opportunities and projects which exist overseas and are waiting for long term help. Some individuals come with a specific need or location that they wish to address and others come as blank slates, with no boundaries on how they may serve. We will discuss a variety of options with you and decide which one fits best with your talents and desires.

3. Apply

Formal application process and Skype interview will determine if now is the right time for you (and your family) and whether this is a good fit for both MVC and the missionary.

4. Prepare

Mission prep work is the last thing before you pack your belongings and prepare to travel oversees. This type of workshop will help those without mission work experience gain a bit of background knowledge and helps those who have already served in missions refine their skills.

To learn about our current field workers and the projects that they are overseeing please click here.

Please contact us at (519) 824- 9380 to discuss if this commitment is right for you, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.