Mexico {Oaxaca}

Oaxaca is located in Southwestern Mexico. The state is best known for it’s indigenous peoples and cultures. MVC has been working in Oaxaca for many years.
There are currently Two Projects in Oaxaca:

Casa Compasiva

The mission of Casa Compasiva is to use compassionate maternity care and practical biblical teaching to impact and strengthen families with the love of Christ.

Many thousands of people in Oaxaca remain isolated from medical care, and even those who have access to government-staffed clinics often receive inadequate care. Women giving birth within the government medical system are often subjected to trauma through complete isolation from friends and loved ones, racial prejudice, over-crowded conditions, and highly interventionist obstetric policies.

Isaac & Fer Quezada

Originally from a small town in Oregon, Isaac’s family moved to Oaxaca Mexico where his parents served as missionaries for 18 years. He returned to the USA to study music and theology at Spokane Washington. He returned to the Oaxaca area following university where he met his future wife, Marifer (from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.) Eventually, Isaac and Fer were married in January of 2018! They began working in Oaxaca, teaching music privately and Fer also worked at Casa Compasiva (a birthing center ministry in Oaxaca).