Julio Farfan

MVC is looking to expand this ministry as more volunteers join in this worthy cause. Our staff, Julio Farfan, is a native Guatemalan, living in Ontario. He currently oversees this ministry and reaching migrant workers in the Stratford area. Sadly, COVID-19 has impacted not only MVC’s work with the migrant workers, but life on the farm has dramatically changed due to the restrictions in place.

“It is a privilege to share some of the things that have been going on with the ministry to migrant workers this spring, summer and fall. May God bless you for your faithful support through prayer and finances. The lives of many of the migrant workers and their families have been changed forever because you have support and prayed for them” – Julio Farfan

Migrant Worker Ministry

Migrant workers are a critical group of people within the Ontario food sector. Their stay in Canada can be anywhere from 3 to 9 months depending on the contract they sign. With limited language and knowledge of the culture and laws in Canada, they can become prime targets for abuse and exploitation. While this is rare, many workers struggle with the adjustment to farm work in Ontario. These workers living long periods of time away from their loved ones and their culture have experienced mental health issues, workplace injuries, or encounter difficult situations during their stay.

Our goal at MVC is to provide the opportunities for migrant workers to receive the personal contact, counsel, and help that is often difficult to find in Canadian society. Support is provided tangibly through providing transportation for various medical appointments, their banking needs, legal assistance when needed, conflict resolution, social and mental health assistance, and large group gatherings with other workers (sporting events, etc).


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