Peru {Puerto Maldonado}

About the project

In Puerto Maldonado our project is Alegre Sonido de Dios, a home for children of all ages who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Since arriving in Peru, Scott and Tracy have cared for over 25 children who have come from varying backgrounds including sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment, and orphans.

Scott and Tracy are dedicated to serving children who have experienced pain from their past. They provide a caring, loving home where the children can heal, so they may interact and maintain a close relationship with their new family, assuring a smooth re-integration into society.

Working closely with the local Government, permanent and transition care for children who are victims of family violence, abuse, abandoned, trafficked, or homeless is provided. The children who have varying emotional and developmental challenges are protected, provided education, spiritual guidance, and counsel.

Tat's Kids

From a very young age Tatiana had a heart for serving children. After a short trip to help out at an orphanage in Haiti in 2014 she was ready to go all in to serve the less fortunate children of the world. Tatiana was the driving force behind the family moving to Peru, and she loved the children of Peru.

In the summer of 2018 Tatiana Blackburn died tragically in a car accident. To continue her memory we have started a fund called Tat’s Kids Peru. This fund is designated to the children’s home, and will be used to further the cause she believed in so deeply.

To donate to this fund simply state “Tat’s Kids” in the designation of our donation form.

In this safe and loving environment, these children are daily reassured that they are loved by the staff and by God.

Our Missionary Reps.

Scott and Tracy are from Ontario, where they lived attending Emmanuel Baptist church while for many years running a masonry business. They were led to Peru in 2014 and have lived in Puerto Maldonado ever since.

They have 3 children, Tatiana, who passed in the summer of 2018, Caleb, and Jaxon. They are working towards the adoption of 3 year old Yuri, which should be finalized soon.

If you would like to support Scott & Tracy, you are able to do so by donating above!