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Missionary Ventures Canada supports a variety of Missionary Representatives (MR) who have been called to work internationally to transform communities faced with poverty, oppression or injustice.

Our MR come from diverse backgrounds and operate their ministries in different ways according to the needs of the people and their skills and talents. Many of these workers also host short term mission teams, provide direction to volunteers, and act as liaison between North American volunteers and local people.

Radooga Ministries

MVC partners with Radooga Ministries in order to provide Canadians opportunities to be involved in ministering to the youth of Ukraine. Opportunities are available to assist in ESL Camps and Camps for Orphaned Youth.

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Guatemala {Nebaj}

Serving the indigenous community by providing access to quality medical care for over 10 years. Currently building a hospital.

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Mexico {Oaxaca}

A birthing centre dedicated to providing women with safe, respectful and quality medical care.

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Peru {Iquitos}

In an area overcome with prostitution, addiction, crime and abuse, this project focusses on giving people tools for change, including a safehouse for men. Currently building a children’s home.

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Peru {Puerto Maldonado}

Care and restoration for children of all ages coming from varying backgrounds of abuse, including sexual abuse, violent abuse, and abandonment. Currently setting up a children’s home.

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Serving a community in need with special needs programs, construction, children’s ministry, and home visits. Currently working on creating better sustainability through agriculture and small businesses.

Guatemala {Huehuetenango}

The goal quality of education to break the cycle of poverty by giving children a high level of education. 14 of 28 schools have been started with the support of our organization, and all are fully sustainable.

Mexico {Cubulco}

In this area the high majority of people live in extreme poverty due to lack of education and employment. The vision is to create education sponsorship, agricultural initiative, water supply/purification, and more, working for sustainability and success.

Haiti {Belot}

A project focused on spiritual, educational, and leader development. Opportunities for involvement include teaching on health, family issues, leadership, and community development. Funds are needed to aid in teacher’s pay and smaller projects.

Haiti {Fort Jacques}

A school and church which plan to be financially sustainable within 5 years. The first goal is to put a roof on the school, which is 3/4 completed. Currently plans are being developed to create micro-businesses for mothers to earn the funds needed to pay for their children’s education.

Zambia {Chingola}

Our focus is a school in a slum area. Started in 1999, it has grown from 65 students to over 400. It provides free education for children who are not able to afford the public system. Children also receive meals, and funding is needed for this project to continue providing for these children.

South Sudan {Juba}

After being forced to flee the country due to war, our MR works from Canada on key projects which include after school education program, children’s education sponsorship program, and a multi-purpose complex.

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Canada {Ontario}

Our MR is a native Guatemalan, living in Ontario. Currently overseeing a ministry serving the migrant workers living and working in the Stratford area. Support includes regular meetings, Bible studies and worship, as well as support for migrant worker issues when adjusting to a new country, such as banking, tax, transportation, etc.

Nicaragua {Managua}

Our MR are Directors of the ministry in Nicaragua, administrating 3 schools in the area, which provide quality education to their students. Most students pay a fee, but sponsorships are available for those families who cannot afford tuition.

South Africa

This ministry has a dual focus of evangelism and instruction, and health programs – HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and baby milk. Currently our MR live in South Africa and travel for fundraising, and to provide leadership and pastoral care to other field workers.


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