Shelter of Hope {Kenya}

About Shelter of Hope

Shelter of hope Kenya is a Christian non-profit organization registered under the societies act. We have the call and responsibility to reach out to the children and youth who are orphans and vulnerable by providing spiritual nourishment, education, and income-generating activities to enable them to be independent. Through the course of our work, we have initiated programs for women through empowerment strategies and material support to the elderly widows.

Shelter of Hope not only addresses the issue of education but also, food, water, and health. Through student sponsorship, food support, and infrastructure support, many lives are being impacted and changed. Individuals to assist in the construction of the second floor of the school. Business people are needed to assist in creatively developing businesses and training individuals so that VMK could reach a greater measure of sustainability. Medical teams are needed to provide health care for those living in poverty.

Scope of Work

  • Child Sponsorship Program
  • Feeding Programs
  • Education Program (2 Community Education Centres)
  • Counseling and Spiritual Care Program in partnership with the church
  • Youth programs
  • Health Care Program (Running a Communal health facility)
  • Agricultural Program
  • Income generating activities for community members
  • Emergency relief programs
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Education Sponsorship Program

Funding is needed due to COVID-19 and the shortfall in education sponsorships. 11 classrooms are in need of assistance for the upcoming year beginning in January 2021. $50(CAD)/month is needed for each student to assist in tuition fees, medical care, nutrition and other essential needs.

Donations towards SOH Education will also help dormitory costs for children whose parents have passed away.

Your prayers and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Pastor Ishmael & Molline

Ishmael and Molline began ministering in a slum in Nairobi by tutoring, educating and feeding a few children. Their early efforts have produced a charity called Shelter of Hope. In the same slum they first started ministering, there is now a school with approximately 150 students (Kindergarten to grade 8). Their efforts expanded to the Nyanza province where Ishmael was born and raised. Together, they saw the vision to address issues in the community and they started Shelter of Hope Academy and other programs (a health clinic, agriculture, women empowerment – to name a few). Recently, the grading grade 8 class completed their national exams with many children receiving very high grades.

In 2009, Ishmael met individuals from Vision Ministries Canada (VMC) and in 2011, they created Vision Ministries Kenya, a growing network of over 50 churches focusing on pastoral leadership and leadership development.


201B – 727 Woolwich Street
Guelph, ON   N1H 3Z2
(519) 824-9380

We are proud members of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities