The Grace Project - Africa

Lusaka, Zambia

The Grace Project is focussed on training pastors who are called but have not completed grade 12 (literacy issues) and lack of finances (poverty issues). Our model is a 12x12x12 model in keeping with Jesus` educational model. It is transformational and practical, and because of the small class size it is highly relational. Most students show up to class 15-20 min early, this is a testament to their eagerness to learn, given that the African culture does not have a high regard for time.

Brian and Muriel Windsor


“Serving in missions at home and abroad has been a part of my (Brian) mindset since I served as the head of our mission team at Emmanuel bible College in 1986-1987. We have always been enthusiastic supporters of Christian workers at home and abroad.

In April 2008 I served on a short term trip to Lusaka, Zambia. It was there where the Lord gave me a dream where I saw Zambia as a pool of clear water being fed by an  eternal spring and following out to Zambia’s bordering nations. Then the following sunday as I was preparing to preach i sensed the Sprit asking me to listen to how his people were praising Him. I sensed a still small voice challenge me to return to Zambia to learn how to have more faith, hope, and love from my Zambian brothers and sisters who have little material wealth.

When I arrived home I told Muriel about these things. She confirmed my sense of the Lord’s direction and we began to seek out an agency to serve with in Africa.

In Zambia I am the Executive Director for The Grace Project.”

The Greatest Challenge Facing the Global Church


Did you know that approximately 3 million of the world’s pastors have not received the proper education they need to preach, teach and oversee their churches effectively? TGP-A targets the equipping and training of the estimated 85% to 90% of pastors globally who cannot access a good Bible school education!